We are one voice…
in an ancient lineage and
we hold this sacred dream…
we are dedicated to creating
and maintaining an expanding
circle of humans in supportive
relationship with one another…
consistent with the sacred
teachings of Mother Earth…
that encourages learning
and growing and fosters
the fulfillment of each person’s
destiny as a Sacred Human Being.

These words are as true and vital for us today as
when they were written by our teachers in 1995.

Do you remember?
For thousands of years
we lived in harmony with all of Life.
It is time to carry this memory
with us into our future.
We invite you to do this with your people…
in ceremony, in reverence, in balance…

After 25 years of guiding ceremonies on Earth
and, more recently, on-line, 
we believe that
Sacred Ceremony 
is an essential, human birthright.
The following offerings are our way
of manifesting Sacred Ceremony in the world
(Click on the images for details)