Spring Ceremony of Renewal
May 4-7, 2017
Dunrovin Retreat Center
Marine St. Croix, Minnesota

The following six videos from
Pele Rouge speak to aspects of Spring Ceremony,
and also contain some of her thoughts
about the times that we are living in.

Episode One – Timeless and Spacious

Episode Two – Renewal and Balance

Episode Three – Earth Lodge and Sky Lodge

Episode Four – Community Focus

Episode Five – The Land

Episode Six – Coming to Know the Possible

There never was a more important time for our voices to be heard and honored. Ceremony is a sacred space where all the voices are heard and listened to, especially those quieter voices that live inside each of us.

Spring Ceremony is a time out of time where we can reconnect with our own center and be in a circle of people who are willing and able to hold us gently as we seek for the one seed we wish to plant in the Garden of our Life in the coming year.

How can we know if this ceremony is for us? The following video clips are from previous participants talking about their experiences at Spring Ceremony.

Betsy’s Reflections
Simone’s Reflections
Margaret’s Reflections
Craig’s Reflections

What is expected of each
 of us as participants?*
• To show up and be present – being who we are is our gift to the circle and to life.
• To speak our truth from the heart (as well as the mind) without blame or judgment – our perspective is unique and valuable, just as is that of everyone else. Differences are a gift.
• To pay attention to what has heart and meaning for each of us – it will help guide us to the next step upon our life’s path.
• To be open to outcome, without being attached – come with a clear intention and be open to the outcome being different than was expected.
• To keep confidential that which is shared by others.
• To be aware of and care for our own needs and those of the community and to find a place of ongoing balance between the two.
*Thank you to Angeles Arrien from whom the first four “expectations” were first expressed.

What outcomes might I expect for myself as a participant?
• Greater clarity about how to personally thrive in challenging times.
• An opportunity to slow down and reflect upon my life.
• An experience of being connected to the larger rhythms of nature.
• An experience of belonging in a community while being free to be who I truly am.
• Greater awareness of my unique gifts and the opportunity to share them.
• Hearing my voice and the voices of others expressed and knowing they all matter.
• A beginning understanding of Earth Wisdom in the context of my own life.


Thursday May 4th – 4:00pm until
Sunday May 7th – 2:00pm

Dunrovin Retreat Center,
Marine St. Croix MN

Early registration before March 15th – $650
After March 15th – $725
Under 35 early registration – $415
After March 15th – $475
Register here

Cancellation policy:
Full refund before March 15th, minus $75.00 handling fee.
After March 16th, 50% refund.
After April 15th, no refunds.