Walking The Path of Vitality

The Journey 3
Come, Find Your Vitality:

All around us in nature are deep pools of life giving wisdom.
The sun shines, the stars twinkle, the fields glisten, lakes shimmer.

Yet too often we find our lives lacking energy and effervescence.
Our vim and vigor come and go.  Our energy wanes.

Sometimes a lack of vitality becomes a strong habit in our lives.

We know on an intuitive level that life is not meant to be a drought, even if you’re in a dry spell.
The Earth is a rich reservoir of how we can live in Vitality.
The Earth’s Wisdom is billions of years old and is available to each of us,
every day, if we know how to ask for it.

Join us for a co-creative and collaborative journey into liveliness through a series of Tele-Gatherings
designed to explore our sources of Vitality.

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The Journey:

Autumn Pathway
Over seven sessions, you’ll grow more familiar with your life story and learn how to generate
nourishment for your life.
 You’ll be invited to make observations and commitments and to
become an author of your own Vitality.

The path will begin with looking at your current condition, and growing your appreciation for
what’s present
 in your life and everything around you.

We’ll explore questions: What needs to be seen, be heard and be honored for a vital life?

You’ll work with patterns in your life and connect these to the rhythms and cycles of your life journey.
How does the world touch you and how do you touch it? What needs to be done now?

You’ll examine your purpose in life and bring the directions you’re taking into deeper
alignment with your purpose.
 What are your life intentions, and how can your actions make these come alive?

You’ll write a brief story that nourishes your life and ripens Vitality, sparking more connections
for yourself and the world around you.

How will you weave Earth Wisdom into Your Vital Story?

Give yourself a gift. A gift of your own Vitality.

Session Time:  5:00-6:30PM (Pacific)

2014 Session Dates – To Be Arranged:

Please let us know your interest in this Journey by sending us a note.

Get Better Acquainted With This Journey:
You’re invited to a complimentary gathering of those who are considering this adventure.
Meet your guides and hear more about the journey in a 50-minute phone preview.

During this call, you’ll have an opportunity to look at the present condition of your Vitality and consider if this experience is right for you, sample how the weekly gatherings will work. Ask questions. Hear from others.

2014 Dates To Be Arranged

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